"Coping with Lymphedema is a valuable resource for those who are suffering from lymphedema, and its underlying message is very powerful: arm yourself with knowledge and become an advocate for your own quality care. This book is a highly recommended resource and has received an outstanding rating from the OncoLink editorial team." Lora Miringoff, MS, PT, University of Pennsylvania Hospital Occupational & Physical Therapy Department for OncoLink - Book Reviews

"Finally, a book on lymphedema – a subject that far too many breast cancer patients hear little or nothing about in those critical days just after being diagnosed and before surgery. Lymphedema is an ailment over which we do have some control. With education and effort, we can save thousands of women who have survived surgery, radiaion, and chemotherapy, the heartbreak of coping with this debilitating condition. Coping with Lymphedema offers much needed information and furthers this effort." From the book review by Josephine Miller for Breast Cancer Action of San Francisco.

"I was advised to read "Coping with Lymphedema" – it’s excellent, very clearly and simply presented. I must have turned down the corners of about 50 different pages that I want to refer back to a lot!" M. Hall, Brooksville, FL


How is Coping with Lymphedema the ONLY book of its kind?

The one or two books that have been written about lymphedema are complicated medical texts that target physicians and NOT real live patients and their lymphedema therapists.

In contrast, Coping with Lymphedema is a patient-friendly, comprehensible resource that addresses ALL aspects of the condition in terms that patients, therapists, and doctors will find immensely helpful and mercifully clear.


What Is Lymphedema?

It is a condition - characterized by hugely swollen arms and legs - that people experience when their lymph systems are damaged by lymph node removal, radiation treatments, or trauma. Some lymphedema is congenital - kids get it, too. So do teenagers.

Millions of people have this lifelong condition. But, no one knows much about it because there is no cure, there are few doctors who specialize in conditions of the lymph system, and there have been no books on the subject - until Coping With Lymphedema.

Can lymphedema be prevented? In some cases, yes! Can it be managed? In most cases, yes! However, most people who suffer from the condition do not know where to turn -- until now!

Coping with Lymphedema informs both doctors and patients of the hundreds of certified therapists and facilities in the U.S. and Canada where effective treatment is available, including their names, addresses, phone and
fax numbers, e-mail addresses, and web sites.


Coping With Lymphedema answers these questions… and dozens of others.

  • What factors make a person vulnerable to lymphedema?

  • How is lymphedema diagnosed, and why is it so often misdiagnosed?

  • How can hospitalized patients protect themselves against the onset of lymphedema?

  • What steps can a lymphedema patient take to avoid a flare-up of symptoms?

  • Why are some scientific experts rethinking staging, radiation, and chemotherapy?

  • Can alternative health strategies ~ such as acupuncture, hypnosis, herbal medicine, and meditation ~ help the lymphedema patient?

  • What should a person with lymphedema know about selecting the right doctor, lymphedema therapist, garment fitter, and facility?

  • How can you protect yourself against the dangers of some modern lymphedema therapies?

  • What is a lymphedema "survival kit"?

  • What effect does lymphedema have on a sexual relationship?

  • How can patients fight their insurance companies for coverage of lymphedema treatment?

  • Why is lymphedema a political issue?

  • Where can lymphedema patients go for help and how can their doctors assist them by recommending the hundreds of certified therapists and lymphedema facilities that exist throughout the U.S. and Canada?


For more information about Lymphedema, contact:


National Lymphedema Network, Inc. (NLN)

Latham Square, 1611 Telegraph Avenue, Suite 1111, Oakland, CA 94612-213178
Hotline: 800-541-3259 • Direct: 510-208-3200 • Fax: 510-208-3110

The National Lymphedema Network (NLN) is an internationally recognized organization founded in 1988 by Saskia R.J. Thiadens, R.N. to provide education and guidance to lymphedema patients, health care professionals and the general public by disseminating information on the prevention and management of primary and secondary lymphedema.

Gillette Women's Cancer Connection

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Cancer Links

A complete source and guide to cancer information compiled by Alexandra Andrews, a survivor of Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

Lymphedema Awareness Foundation

Promotes awareness and publishes e-Lymph Notes, an E-zine that focuses on Lymphedema issues and concerns.

Circle of Hope Lymphedema Foundation

Promotes and provides educational programs, public awareness, medical treatment, and continued research for the disease known as Lymphedema.

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Quality information on Lymphedema certification, supplies, resources and information.


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